(New Trend) Forget Planking, Try Owling or Plowling (LOL)

Planking is so over. The bizarre Facebook trend (blamed in the death of a man in May) of taking a picture while you’re lying face down in a weird location has been replaced with “owling.” Owling, as the Washington Post explains, is the act of taking a picture while crouching in an owl-like posture. Also, presumably, while in a strange location. And of course, the photo must be shared—there’s already a Facebook page for owling.

As the name implies, owling involves posing while making like an owl. (No, not rotating your head 360 degrees, but crouching in a bird-like pose).

According to the owling Facebook page, “Your arms should be on the outside of your legs, and your legs should be close together and touching.” (Good thing it comes with proper instructions).

A worthy successor to “planking” is finally upon us as “owling” is beginning to explode in popularity on Reddit. The craze was only founded 15 hours ago but “owling” is quickly becoming more and more viral and certainly has the potential to really take off.

Check out these owling photos:

The Original Owling Post

Early Adopter

Accidental Early Adopter, He’s Owling And Walken

Dedicated Owler

Owling Is A Full-Time Job

Owling In The Kitchen

Underwater Owling

As I Said, Owling Is A Full-Time Job

The End Of Planking The Beginning of Plowling

Owling Is Essentially Just Squatting

Obligatory Hipster Owling

For Those Who Already Think Owling Is So Yesterday


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