Netherlands Based Lil Q And Boom Boom Releases Music Video For “Bounce”

International recording artiste Lil Q and top selector Boom Boom have teamed up to release another street banger entitled Bounce which has already started to create a major buzz online.

The hilarious music video which features several top flight comedians including Cuz, Chinnaman, Jimbo Dee and Fatty has social media users both dancing and laughing, a formula which Lil Q says is a winning one.

According to the artiste the musical space has been grossly lacking feel good music and as such he is not surprised by the very positive feedback his new collaboration has been receiving. 

“Bounce is a collaborative effort so I won’t attempt to take all the credit as people like Jerrycan, Stashment and Boom Boom all helped to make this track special. The feedback has been excellent which is very encouraging because we are standing out in a crowded musical space with a feel good track. The song is simply fun and the music video has both humour and dancing as such it is fun to watch so i am not surprised it is doing well already”

Stated Lil Q

Born Maglon Gonsalves Jardin de Ponte on July 24th in Suriname (South America) Lil Q was raised by both parents along with the streets which is where he developed his love for Dancehall and Reggae music. His mother who was self employed, buying and selling clothes oftentimes got annoyed with him for using the barrels where she kept the clothes as drums and the hangers as drumsticks but that didn’t stop him.

He would still make music and perform for his friends daily after school where persons passing by would compliment him on how talented he was. That made him even more interested in the art. His father was also a big fan of the Reggae culture and they would listen to songs together.

Lil Q would try his best to always get the latest Reggae/Dancehall mixtapes. He even exchanged his brand new scooter in return for a Stone Love mixtape. That’s how much he loves the music. All 4 walls of his room, where decorated with 12.034 Mixtapes cassettes – such as Stone Love, Pretty Passy, Stereo Soniq etc. and if one should be removed he would notice as soon as he enters his room.

According to his management team Stashment Production Lil Q is very easy to work with and has all the attributes of a star. 

Lil Q has genuine star quality and he is a great person as well so working with him is very smooth and easy. He has a first world mindset and has genuine talent which anyone in music will tell you is an illusive combination as such our team is pulling out all the tricks out the bag to ensure his musical progression” stated Stasha of Stashment Production.

Currently Lil Q is busy in studio completing a cluster of singles for several top flight producers as well as promoting the music video and single “Bounce” which features billboard Boom Boom. 

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