Jamaican artiste Names M has started to sneak into your ears with his first releases “Where They At” feat D’Angel, the first lady of dancehall, and the brand new single “Lights & Action”, a hip hop anthem with a real Jamaican edge.

Growing up as a teenager in Sidney B.C., Canada, Patrick aka Names M was the only black kid in his school for years. Patrick reminisces that he was always drawn to hip hop, used to break dance and perform at his high school dance class, asking the DJ to spin the records he brought with him.

Doing hip hop in Jamaica though is still not fully accepted and the genre is still somewhat of a niche market. On Jamaican airwaves the genre is represented by the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z or Nicki Minaj, leaving little space for local hip hop talent. Names M represents Jamaican hip hop, incorporating his heritage and Caribbean style into the flow and some real Jamaica patois into his lyrics

Jamaica is a dancehall dominated sphere but dancehall and music in general evolves steadily and many Jamaican artistes now mix their sound with different genres and experiment with hip hop, house and dance music, creating international cross over sounds trying to reach beyond the boundaries of reggae and dancehall. Hip hop, globally speaking, is more of a mainstream music and Names M is most comfortable expressing himself in this genre of his choice. Who says he has to do reggae because he is Jamaican? Why stick to strict labels and boxes?

Names M is not interested in neatly fitting into any box and therefore tackles each obstacle as it comes along and presents itself. His music speaks for itself and the ones who have discovered it cannot get enough, waiting for more music by this outstanding talent. Names M stands out indeed, as an instant hip hop highlight in an at times oversaturated dancehall market. His music can stand next to Sean Paul or Drake, Beenie Man or Lupe Fiasco, and fit it seamlessly.

Names M is set to make his name and his first video already got him noticed. uch more is yet to come. He says, “I keep making hit songs to satisfy the undying thirst in the world for good music.” Essentially he wants to reach the top, being a platinum selling artist, signed to a major label but retain creative freedom.

He is inspired by legendary artistes such as Bob Marley, whose “words transcend time itself “, focusing on making his music “a legacy that others can listen to and reflect on” even after he is long gone.

Lights &Action is the latest single by Names M, hitting the listener with intricate sounds and an unforgettable riddim. Names M owns this song with strong lyrics and delivery. He explains that the song was “inspired by the fact that it is so hard to get on even when you’re a good artist it doesn’t necessarily means you’ll get a deal.” He adds, “I was just tired and frustrated with all of the people who tried to exploit and use you even before you are a star. I literally wanted to use their blood to write my memoirs and challenge anyone to a duel of making a hit record with substance and feelings.”

With lines like “blacker than the shadows that raised up my coffin” Names M reflects on how he felt about what he was doing . He goes further with “Every moment bright lights flashing demons in the closet screaming action. Reflection in the mirror don’t have it, this life must be some sort of magic” talking about the structure of the industry where you always have someone in the shadows pulling the strings.

Names M loves his craft and enjoys every minute of his career to date. “Lights& Action” is the second single. Listen out for more!

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