Names M has quite a personal and musical journey already behind him spanning from Canada to Jamaica and it took just that journey also to arrive at a name and an artiste he was certain he wanted to be.

An alias is essential to any artiste as the majority of artistes do not use their real names. Patrick McFarlane is known by the moniker “Names M” to radio Djs and fans alike. You heard his songs “Where They At” and the brand new single “Lights & Action” and you have seen him on your TV in the video for his first single featuring D’ Angel but you are just starting to get used to the name. And the name is not “M”, no do not get it twisted; the name is “Names M”!

Patrick went through several names growing up in Sidney B.C., Canada. First he called himself F.L.O – Flavorful Lyrical One. After making a name for himself as a dancer, lyricist as well as for Graffiti tagging he realized how many others were trying to imitate him and also his name. Of those times Patrick recalls, “We’d play this game called ‘packing the block’ that only my crew knew about. What you’d do is to started spitting rhymes on any block to get everyone to stop and listen, then throw down ya hat and collect change that we’d hit the 7 11 later with for snacks .”

Patrick, at first, was a member of a crew called Hopps N Effects in the early 90’s, battling other crews in Victoria B.C. Other crews existed but were mostly compiled with white kids. Patrick remembers, “We were the only all black squad. I was one of the top free-stylers in that city plus another kid by the name of Prevail who ran with us. We soon had everyone hanging on weekends on the water front in Victoria known as the “Causeway” and even used to bring Nelly Furtado along to rhyme before she got signed.”

Patrick always wanted to stand out and he never shied away from a mic, striving to be the best at all times. The name was one way to differentiate and stand out from the rest. He chose MYSTAPUKA, which stood for Millennium Young Soldier To Attend Patrick Unfolds Knowledge Amidst, because others started to add ”one” to their name, as in his previous name “Flavorful Lyrical One“(F.L.O). To conquer new terrain and armored with the new alias Patrick moved to Vancouver to pursue his dreams. He quickly made a name for himself in the local underground scene. With two new friends, Tai Pu and Snypa, Patrick started a new crew called Travlin Gods performing across Vancouver and surrounding cities. The group was not long lived though and Patrick made a solo move and began recording for Hotsole Music Inc in 2000.

In 2003 Patrick returned to his native Jamaica after 14 years to renew his spirit. After arriving Patrick realized it was time to start anew, with one final transformation into the artiste he truly wanted to be. Names M was the name of choice, the initial of his last name McFarlane. It confuses people and causes many laughs. Amusing stories already have been born from people thinking his name’s “M” instead of “Names M”. People getting it twisted does not bother Patrick “cause Names M ain’t ya regular Rock”!

Source: AXE-S Media

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