Mystikal Fyah Presents Kari Jess

Tracks: 19
Run Time: 33:05
Rip Date: 2008-05-00

Mystikal Fyah Sound produces his new mixtape introducing the new Jamaican artist Kari Jess.

Kari Jess, the new artist revelation of the Jamaican dancehall scene is disclosed with this mixtape produced by Mystikal Fyah Sound. In the recent mixtape can find items that have stuck stronger from this young artist as “Gal dem wah me ” on riddim daybreak or War on the sensitive issue of life Jamaican ghetto.


01.Intro – Kari Jess [01:14] 02.Dem A Bowl (Dub) – Kari Jess [01:44] 03.Blaze – Kari Jess [01:21] 04.Goodas Time Again – Kari Jess [01:33] 05.Bruck it Off – Kari Jess [01:21] 06.Wha Dem Hear Bout – Kari Jess [01:29] 07.Hotter Hotter Gal – Kari Jess [01:33] 08.Dem Nuh Bad – Kari Jess [02:41] 09.Wicked Inna Bed – Kari Jess [02:03] 10.Haffi Tight – Kari Jess [00:55] 11.Gal Dem Me Wah – Kari Jess [02:45] 12.Colda than Cold – Kari Jess [02:48] 13.By Far – Kari Jess [01:26] 14.A War – Kari Jess [02:23] 15.Nah Squeeze (Dub) – Kari Jess [01:12] 16.Dem Diss (Dub) – Kari Jess [01:26] 17.After All – Kari Jess to Di World [01:27] 18.Pretty Darling – Kari Jess [01:07] 19.Nah Nuh Secret – Kari Jess [02:37]

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