Three top disc jockeys —DJ Narity, DJ Richie R.A.S, DJ Sanjay from the Coppershot Disco — will play together for the first time in three years at Jamaica’s first ever social media party, Retweet. This, according to event conceptualiser Brandon Allwood, is some exciting news for patrons.

Popular around the world, the three were first styled as “MVP” by Marlon Campbell, an entertainment insider and event promoter.

“It’s almost symmetrical. We were actually all born in the same year, and have been friends for more than 10 years,” said Richie R.A.S, whose real name is Richard Spence.

Spence shared that while the three members of MVP each have different styles of playing music, “our paths frequently pass in our professional endeavours”.

Allwood revealed that the three were selected after engaging with users of the social media platform Twitter.

“What we did was over a series of about 6 days, asked who persons would like to see play on the event. Sanjay, Narity and Richie R.A.S were constant suggestions and requests, so we approached them. It was very important to us that the disc jockeys saw themselves as not just as people on the flyer. We needed them to understand the vision of Retweet, and what we are trying to accomplish,” Allwood said.

In the same breath, Allwood confirmed that the event will be held on Saturday July 9 at the Boardwalk Beach in St Catherine.

Individually, all three have achieved immense success, playing at top parties and events in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and even Africa.

“Usually, two of the three of us are booked on an event. It’s been three years since we’ve all played together, and we’re really excited about it. Retweet ago maaad, because when the three of us touch down at a party it must shot,” an excited Sanjay shared.

“Come, with the staging of what is poised to be the largest and most ground breaking social media event, MVP will be reborn and that cannot be missed,” Narity added.

Retweet will be Jamaica’s first mass social media oriented event, and will be integrating the three most popular social media platforms — Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook — in the event.

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