Kingston, Jamaica – Dancehall star Munga Honorebel is doing his part and giving back to a community the artiste holds near and dear to his heart. The community, Jackson Town, will benefit from a fun day being put on by the ‘Gangsta Ras’.

The fun day, to be held on Wednesday August 31, will see activities including live entertainment, a talent competition, and tonnes of rides and attraction for children. Munga will also use the opportunity to hand out back-to-school supplies to members of the Jackson Town family.


Already, sensations like Gyptian, Chi Ching Ching, and the Digicel Rising Stars are confirmed to entertain the community come tomorrow. The treat will be held at the Queensborrough Football Field.

“The community of Jackson Town is near and dear to the heart of Munga as it was the place he called home during his early years in the music industry. It has also been the inspiration for many of the great tracks that he has become known for,” said Munga’s manager Ayesha Dawes.

The artiste said that giving back has been always something important to him, but this year decided to make his efforts a little bigger.

“We really reached out to some corporate partners and said let’s make my small effort something bigger and better. So tomorrow now, we’re going to make some whole heap a youth smile and relax, and enjoy demself,” Munga said.

The corporate partners he’s talking about are Digicel, Jamaica Beverages and Crazy Jim. Each entity will be bringing its own energy and products to make the day an even better event. Munga also said that he would be providing an internship at his own Hilltop Records for the winner of the talent contest.

“Its really a chance for whoever wins to get a feel of what the industry is like, and to some experience in the professional side of being an artiste and the work it takes,” he said.

Jackson Town, even though a warm and welcoming community has had its challenges in areas of unemployment and educational advancement for the youths in the area. This year Munga Honourebel is hoping to use his back to school treat to provide residents in the community and surrounding areas with much needed assistance.

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