Mr. Vegas on Beenie Man Enduring Bounty Killer’s Disses, Bounty Ended Careers

Mr. Vegas joined DJ Vlad for an interview recently where the Jamaican artist learned that he inspired Vlad TV’s CEO to become a DJ. Vlad explained that he was going through a crossroads in his life, and Mr. Vegas’ “Sucky Ducky” off of the Belly soundtrack convinced him to work towards a career in the DJ world.

During the conversation Mr. Vegas also spoke about Jamaican culture not being as accepting towards gays, but he clarified that he never judges anyone for their sexual preferences, adding that he gladly took photos with transgender fans in the past.

Moving along, Mr. Vegas addressed Bounty Killer coming at him in songs, but he says that he respects the famed artist, who has shut down other people’s careers. You can hear more of what he had to say about the situation, including his thoughts on Beanie Man being a champion for withstanding Bounty Killer’s constant disses.


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