Mr Vegas heads to France

Mr Vegas heads to Toulouse, France, this weekend to perform at the Beach Party Festival that will take place on Easter Sunday.

Mr Vegas heads to Toulouse, France, this weekend to perform at the Beach Party Festival that will take place on Easter Sunday.

“I am looking forward to my performance in France this weekend; France ah mi place. I have a great time over there all the time and the thing is that it is a funny market. A song coulda hit three years ago and is just now it ah go hard inna France, so yu find songs like Tek Weh Yuself, Raging Bull and Hot Wuk ah go hard over there now,” Mr Vegas said.

Mr Vegas added that old-time dancehall favourites such as Heads High were also guaranteed forwards in some areas of Europe.

“But yu find that songs like Raging Bull carry a particular type of energy that can get the crowd moving,” he explained.

In the meantime, the video for the singjay’s latest song, Mama Don’t Cry For Me, directed by accomplished director Winston Mayhew, will be released this week.


“It’s a really amazing video that the Jamaican people can gravitate towards, especially with Mother’s Day around the corner,” he said.

The singjay has been in awesome form during his recent live performances. Last weekend, he performed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States of America (USA) at a venue called the Barfly where he packed in 1,100 patrons. He was his usual energetic self and whipped the patrons into a frenzy with his popular dance-oriented hits such as Tek Weh Yuself, Raging Bull and Hot Wuk,with nimble assistance from his two female dancers. He also scored big with his Billboard hit Heads High, as well as his latest, I Am Blessed, which is a favourite on radio stations in the USA.

“I was really surprised at the turnout, especially since snow was falling heavily. The people dem a say ah me bring the snow star but dem turn out and everyone had a great time,” Vegas said.

Once he bids adieu to France, Mr Vegas will then swing through California on a mini-tour with stops in Oakland, on April 24, and Los Angeles, on April 25.

Source: JamaicaStar

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