Mr. Vegas – Gi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica

mr vegas gi wi back wi sweet jamaica

Check out the official music video for international dancehall artiste Mr. VegasGi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica.”

The single ‘Gi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica’ produced by Mr. Vegas’ MV Music label is a mixture of Jamaican original Mento with current dancehall beats. It details aspects of actual Jamaican natural assets being sold to overseas interests. Dunns River, Goat Island and Dolphin cove are just a few examples.

“I came across an article a few weeks ago. It was about the sale of some of the historical places that are being sold or what is already sold by the government.” Mr Vegas explained

The song “‘Gi Wi Back Wi Sweet Jamaica’ is not just for Mr. Vegas” fans, it is for all Jamaicans so they realize what is really going on, that the government is selling our children’s future.

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