Mobile App for Jamaica’s 2011 Voters List [ BB + More ]


If you had never gotten a chance  to check the 2011 voters list because your main source of internet access is on your mobile devices, then here’s a chance to check the list in your own convenience while you tweet, BBM, FB and text.

The setup is pretty simple:  One your device is configured with a data service that provides internet access, you may click on the below link, enter your name and date of birth, then search and your info should populate once its on the list.


link works for most high-end handsets


Why Register to Vote?

Your vote is your voice. For your voice to be heard, you must register to vote. It is your right and your responsibility. Our elected officials determine much concerning our quality of life. Don’t let someone else choose your elected officials for you. The biggest election issues often directly effect the youth and will impact life for years to come. The only way democracy works is if citizens, young and old, are active participants.

• Voting gives you a say on important issues that affect you – everything from roads, health care, education and taxes. You may think you don’t want to vote now, but if an issue comes up that you want to have your say on, if you’re registered you’ll have the chance to vote on it.


How to vote poster



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