Miss Kitty (Fluffy Diva) & Yanique Barrett (Curvy Diva) Issues Spill On Live TV

During last nights episode of the Magnum Kings and Queen Of Dancehall Competition, Miss Kitty sent fans into a frenzy when the Fluffy Diva addressed the rumored beef with Yanique Barrett (Curvy Diva) live on air.

According to Miss Kitty there’s no beef or feud and it was all ‘manufactured,’ watch clip below:

Last week Yanique shed some light into what many have been calling a longstanding beef between her and fellow media personality Miss Kitty in a. interview with Sanjay on Intense.

When asked what the problem was between the two, she stated,

“She’s Fluffy Diva and I jumped on the whole thing as Curvy Diva. Maybe, honestly I liked what she was doing and the flavour of it and since you came up with the name, I figured that we are all family, we should be good,”

“Same way she has now slimmed down and persons are calling her curvy and I’m fine with that. I can even say, ‘boy Kitty me love di dress weh yuh have on.’ I’m not going to look at her and say she come inna my lane now and whatever the situation,” explained Yanique.

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