Mink Jo covers Rihanna’s Work


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then international pop star Rihanna should be impressed by Jamaican recording artiste Mink Jo, who has released an impressive cover of ‘Work‘.

Work is the latest hit single from the Barbadian Rihanna’s platinum-selling eighth studio album, ANTI featuring the vocals of star rapper Drake.

Mink Jo’s cover is produced by Dre Day and is her first-ever remix.

Since the release of her debut single, No Friend Zone, featuring Konshens, in 2015, it has often been said Mink Jo has a sound similar to Rihanna’s.

With the release of Work, the Jamaican’s growing legion of fans now has the chance to do a true comparison.

Though she is flattered by the comparison, Mink Jo said she tried to bring her own style to the single.

“Being constantly compared to Rihanna has been a good thing to me, in my eyes, and for my career,” Mink Jo said. “She is the most marketable artiste in the world and she’s super famous, so I really have no qualms with anyone comparing me to her. However, I do not try to copy her style. I really give that authentic Jamaican sound in all my music, and I always try to make my supporters get a sense of who I am, at all times, even in this remix. I really enjoyed the ANTI album. It was definitely a vibe I could relate to.”

This is just the first of several new releases planned by the Jamaican singer, who also intends to release an album this summer. She said fans should look out for the release of How I Do It (featuring Brazzabelle), on the Mad Decent label, and Right Now, featuring Farenizzi.

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