Micheal Brown of E&R Records respond to comments on Nina Sparkles Death

We received a letter from a representative for Michael Brown with regards to comments made on the site about Nina Sparkles untimely death, and wish to clear his name surrounding the negativity – the article reads:


“Mr Brown of E&M Records has notified about an article on your site and deeply hurt with people feeling that he had anything with her death, his love for her goes way past her musical talent. As his evident in the work that he put in promoting the artiste as a part of E&M Records.

He is fully aware of what is said about him and involvement with the artiste, but should get all the facts before a conclusion.

I would like to think that the artiste was a saint with her heavenly looks, but that would not be true, there are associates that shares companies with, some i knew,some i didn’t.

Her family, her community, her friends, the music fraternity has lost a precious diamond but in today’s society it is very dangerous to make statements about my family and company with today’s violent climate.

Many threats have been send to me, But i send Love in return to all who have suddenly became my enemies, but with your patience the truth will reveal the all details as the good book the bible the truth is not an offense.

Although the media has seen it fit to get one side of the story, all we ask that we receive the same opportunity to respond the statements, some being made by the family specially her sister . Let us look at the facts Sparkles had no formal source of income yet she still covered all her expenses traveling overseas for reasons she wouldn’t disclose to me.

When I became involved in her life there was a great uproar by family members whom benefit from her activities, we know that the industry has a lot of shady characters, some criminal we all can’t claim innocence including my self who in my early days never understood the appeal of hard work, which i paid a high price for my actions.

Through all these circumstances I wish peace and comfort to all those who truly loved the person called Nina Sparkles by the World around her.”

  1. micheal the lord is your rock of your salvation who shall you fear? Micheal donot fret because of evildoers nor be envious of the workers of iniquity for they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.Micheal trust in the lord and do good ;dwell in the land ,and feed on his faithfulness. Psalms 37 1-3

  2. Nina Sparkles we love you and that is all that matters…. Him can say anything, evil doers know them self…fi real… I heard his friend or brother told the cops where he put her body….and that’s how the cop trace it….

  3. where you getting your made up stories from? leave the guy alone .did he force her to put anything in her? as a friend of both marie and micheal mr or ms wow one thing is sure your afrid of the bible because its clear your deeply hurt by psalms 37 i think if your a grief stroke friend or family member and you think this guy as done your family wrong instead of pronouncing to the world that you hate mich why done you go on you knees and pray to god because doesnt the bible says that you should leave all vengeance to god.remeber when digging a pit dig two.

  4. I thought they were a couple, I am too a close friend of them both. I know them well for a while and it is sad the back and forth story, I do not think the family member is in this, it is mostly the media trying to be bad and start rumors, which is really sad, they just want the truth about Marie, and i think Jigga would want the same for his name to be cleared as well, he did state to someone that she was away and he is taking care of her kids and she will be back soon. Remember they are both young people and they both have family that love them both deeply, if one party is stating one thing and the other is stating the other, it is only fear that the person who did this is causing both parties a lot of pain. As it is mentioned in PSALM 7 (O Lord my God in you I put my trust; save me from all those who persecute me; lest they tear me like a lion, rending me in pieces, while there is none to deliver) PSALM 3 (Lord, how they have increased who trouble me, many are they who rise against me, many are they who say of “there is no help for him in God”) PROVERBS 15 (A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger) LET PEACE BE FOR EVERYONE AND NOT JUST YOU OR ME.

  5. This internet thing is really bad, the media love to gossip fi real,leave jigga and nina sparkles alone,whomever do it a laugh dem face off, but not for long, time will reveal, the truth is always done in the sight of God and both side of friends need to grieve and di family dem fi pray. Tings happen even though it is hard loosing Nina, she was a nice girl and everyone get along with her. PEACE AND SAFETY TO ALL A DI FAMILY AND FRIENDS DEM.

  6. Im a close friend and all the negative talk about micheal and marie is just wrong . I know for a fact that both families are griving so heaters leave people bussiness alone.

  7. I love Marie and i feel for her death, there’s not a day goes by i do not think of her or what her kids and the family is going through, i am not casting any stones on Michael, who knows, I was not there and I know no one is perfect. Let the Lord do his work. Jamaican gossip is too much, pick the beam out of our own eyes and not someone else, especially the dead. God do not like ugly. This is one of the reason why a lot of people do not care for Jamaicans. Instead of spreading the love to Marie, most of you want to talk trash. This is my own opinion, I will not visit this site any more. I thought Jamaicans were filled with love, i guess I was wrong.

  8. michael is a liaaaah. faalse news he`s stating. Michael and sparkles are always together and for him to drop her off at the airporttthat morning and have the nerve to say how he doesn`t know what happen to her or have no idea where she went is BULLSHIT. So explain this, why is that they found her body in jamaica, not somewhere else. Clearly to me this murder was a plan. Regardless at the end of the day no one HAVE no rights to take someone elses child out of the world. Ah mod him mod, because he knows the girl can do waay better without him and because of her their wouldn`t be no jigga. Chat to much rass shit, stop defending him and talk the truth. CAUSE BAAD MIND A KILL YAAAAH !!

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