Memphis Bleek: There’s No Way I Could’ve Replaced Jay Z

Memphis Bleek addresses a line on Jay Z’s “Hand It Down (Intro)” where a rapper named Pain in Da Ass spoke from Jay Z’s point of view about the Roc-A-Fella co-founder’s impending retirement: “Bleek’s gonna be a good rapper/New, improved Jay-Z — I quit/I’m retiring, ain’t enough money in this game to keep me around.”

The Brooklyn rapper claims there was no discussion about any potential plans Jay had concerning Memphis Bleek taking over his spot. Bleek adds that he’s been held to a certain standard in his career, and that the line was hypothetical.

When asked if he was in the room when the album was being recorded, Bleek says he heard it when it dropped, just like everyone else. He also says that he thought about the line on a more material level – the Bentleys and condos – and not surpassing Jay lyrically.

The conversation ends with the “Let It Off” rapper speaking about Jay doing the solo track “Dear Summer” on his “534” album. Memph says that he wasn’t going to tell someone as close to him as Jay that he couldn’t feature the track on his album, and adds, “I was just trying to follow the blueprint that was left for me.”


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