Meet Mr Lee G

Interview with Lee G

Interview with Lee G

1. First of all introduce yourself.

I am mr lee g. artiste from outta brooklyn. Originally from Trinidad. T & T. Doing music. I got plenty music.

2. Tell us more about yourself. Tell us about your career up to date and how you got to where you are right now.

I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I was born there. At the young age of 10 I migrated to Brooklyn and I have been doing music ever since. I started off doing gospel music in Church and as I got older I started doing R & B, hip hop and reggae, just music I could feel in my soul. Right now, I have been through some trials and tribulations and “Standing” is one of the songs that came from me overcoming all those hurdles and obstacles.

3. What’s the story behind “Standing”? What inspired you to write it?

This song was inspired in 2008. I went to Trinidad to promote an album I did independently . I went down there to promote the music and so forth and got invited to do a show . I cam out of the show to go to the after party and got shot three times. I still don’t know who it is and what’s the reason for it because I don’t live there. I just visited to promote the music and this happened. Since God spared my life, since Jah blessed me and made me survive this turmoil and this messed up situation I am just giving thanks with the music. I give praise. That’s what’s “Standing” is all about.

4. You just did a video for “Standing” also. Tell us about it.

The video for “Standing” was directed by Simba and was shot on various locations in Sweden, Trinidad, Jamaica and Brooklyn N.Y. Football is in the video. I used to play football in high school and college. I am a huge fan of the sport and still play football now, still standing after being shot. We wanted to show that the perpetrator who shot me three time cannot keep a good man down. Since we don’t know who

they are; there is no way for justice. We figured that success is the best justice, and the fact that I’m

still standing, and can still play a physically demanding sport like football, the fact that I am traveling and performing around the world, doing what I love to do is best way to deal with the haters. The video shows shots of my family, my support system, my love for sports and an overall positive example for the youths. These days the murder rate in the Caribbean has escalated tremendously. We have a serious problem, and we need to address it with music. The video for “Standing” is fun to watch, it shows another side to me and sends a message of perseverance and positivity . It is all about “standing” – regardless of trials and tribulation. The greatest thing is the celebration of life, the joy of life. It is important to value and enjoy everything around you. Life and others. Jah love more life!

Mr Lee G

5. You have been to Jamaica many times. How does being in Jamaica inspire you differently from producing in New York or Trinidad?

First of all, Jamaica is the spot where all this great music was pioneered and started, reggae music, and the foundation of a lot of other music, too. Just being there and being in the atmosphere, the nurture and the environment is unique. The vibe and the energy there, that you feel there, as far as reggae music is concerned, surpasses every other place really. The reality of it, you see it and you feel it and you smell it. You love it and you burn it

6. You have also done hip hop music and house remixes. You have tried different genres of music starting with the gospel and R & B. What made you focus on reggae music primarily as your genre of music to express yourself?

First of all the spiritual connection and the reality of the music. Rasta is reality. I am a Rasta man. I am striving to be the best Rasta man that I can be. Rastafari is a lifestyle, a way of life. An energy set to deal with all the natural things, the universe, everything that plays a part in life. I think it is also the spiritual connection. I know it is. The spiritual connection I can feel it in my soul. Because I could feel the music in my soul it gives me a sense of purpose. That’s why I gravitated more towards reggae music.

7. Will you be touring soon, maybe also across the Caribbean?

Yes of course. Absolutely. Wherever I can showcase my music. I see myself as an instrument for Jah to do whatever he says. If it takes me around the Caribbean, of course! Absolutely!

8. Where can people check you out online?

You can check me out on or

9. What are the latest news besides the video that everyone just needs to know?

The video is something really really really really special because it deals with my life and the fact that I am here and I am thankful for being here and Jah got me standing is something to look forward to. I assure you, you are not going to be disappointed. The new album “Standing” is going to be available real soon also. I will keep you posted.

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