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From the roadshows, persons to act alongside Macka Head, Copper Kid, Benzly Hype, Everaldo Creary, Audrey Reid, Professor Nuts and Candace Buchanan and other actors will be chosen.

“The film industry in Jamaica a grow. It hot, it ah happen. We basically just turning it up a notch, adding our input to the industry,” said Benzly Hype, brainchild of the sitcom.

Benzly Hype

He continued, “From the roadshows we’re aiming to go to each parish and find a talent. We’ll be all over the island.”

Me and Mi Kru started airing on local television in 2009 and has been running for two consecutive seasons and is now looking to enter its third.

“Me and Mi Kru a the number one rated show in Jamaica for 2009, wi just waiting on 2010 results at the end of the year to know if it’s number one again,” said Benzly Hype.

“The people love the thing man, them love it, and mi glad seh them love it,” he added. Hype also mentioned that a movie for the sitcom is not out of the question as the requests for the popular television show to make its debut on the big screen have been plenty.

He also spoke of the Innocent Kru: Me and Mi Kru album for which work has already begun.

“Look out for the Me and Mi Kru album too, because we’ve already started working on it. We do some work with Clevie and Sly and Robbie already for it,” he said.

Source: jamaica-star

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Shavonne Williams
Shavonne Williams
9 years ago

when will the audition be in May Pen?