McCorory (USA) 50.56Q McPherson (JAM) 50.98Q 400m heat 3 IAAF World Champs 2013

McCorory (USA) 50.56Q McPherson (JAM) 50.98Q 400m heat 3 IAAF World Championship Moscow 2013

1 Francena McCorory UNITED STATES USA 50.56 Q 0.292
2 Stephanie McPherson JAMAICA JAM 50.98 Q 0.178
3 Libania Grenot ITALY ITA 51.43 Q SB 0.238
4 Floria Guei FRANCE FRA 51.75 Q 0.245
5 Alicia Brown CANADA CAN 53.26 0.230
6 Yanmin Zhao PR OF CHINA CHN 54.03 0.350
7 Sade Sealy BARBADOS BAR 55.45 0.220
14th IAAF World Championships RUSSIA Moskva (Luzhniki), RUSSIA 10 AUG 2013 – 18 AUG 2013

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