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Up and coming dancehall artiste Max Element has followed up his Wash Cook and Clean single with Pound a Carrot.

the track was conceptualised from a choreographed dance piece that Max saw being executed in his community. “The response so far has been tremendous, it is well loved. I think more so because of the beat of the rhythm and the dance is phenomenal,” Max said recently.

He has so far been promoting the song with the assistance of dancers including the Untouchable Dance Squad and Dance Xpressionz.

Although the creator of the Pound a Carrot dance is unknown, the dance has been popularised by the group Dance Xpressionz.

Max Element Pound A Carrot Dance on Hype TV

BTS Max Element Performing Pound A Carrot on Hype TV Live

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9 years ago

poun a carrot a shell inna streets.. da one yah siccck Max