Mavado's Range shot up

Shots were fired at Mavado’s upper St Andrew home early Tuesday morning, and although persons speculate that it may have been linked to a recent feud with Foota Hype

Shots were fired at Mavado’s upper St Andrew home early Tuesday morning, and although persons speculate that it may have been linked to a recent feud with Foota Hype, the selector has denied any involvement in the incident.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Foota Hype said: “Mi woulda neva hurt Mavado. De only thing mi ave is dat mi nuh like how Mavado a move, so mi part ways wid him couple months earlier.”

And although they have been at odds, Mavado did not point any fingers at Foota Hype either.

“Mi nah go seh a him cause mi neva see him, but him words dem …” he told THE STAR.

Despite their differences, Mavado said he spoke to Foota Hype on Monday evening before the incident occurred. At that time, they arranged to meet and talk yesterday.

Uptown Mondays

“Last night (Monday), mi and him deh pon di phone and mi a tell him seh dem things deh nuh look good and mi a tell him seh tomorrow wi a go link. After wi done talk, him gone a Uptown Mondays gone talk up a bag a things,”

Mavado said, while noting that he heard the bad things Foota Hype said about him at the event because someone called him so he could hear what the selector was saying.

“One and half hour later, mi inna mi bed and hear ’bout four or five shot fire. Mi get up and go upstairs. Mi have three car park up and a just di Range (Rover) dem shot through and di Range neva do dem nutten,” Mavado said.

The St Andrew North Police confirmed the shooting incident saying that it occurred sometime after 5 a.m. yesterday. Sources say that investigations are ongoing and no motive or suspect has been determined so far. No one was hurt during the incident.

Foota Hype further denied involvement in the incident, saying, “If mi did waan say mi ago do something to Mavado and mi ave intention fi do something to Mavado, mi would neva be at Uptown Mondays a bawl out my throat a gi de whole Jamaica de impression say mi and him at odds.”

But he said his outburst was triggered by the fact that his mother’s house was shot up last Saturday night after the back-to-school treat Mavado held in Cassava Piece. He said the matter was reported instantly to the Constant Spring Police.

Mavado also denied any involvement in that incident.


In terms of rumours that have been circulating that he was part of a scheme to contract men to hurt the deejay, Foota Hype said; “Who would look more possible of contracting somebody to hurt somebody? A nuh my money nuff, my money little and meagre. If mi did have money can contract somebody fi hurt Mavado, mi mother wouldn’t live a Cassava Piece. Mi wouldn’t live there same way. Mi woulda buy a house first and move mi mother first.”

Having been friends for years, Mavado further stated that Foota Hype’s behaviour surprises him. He also said he was the one who introduced Foota Hype to Bounty Killer. And, it was from there that the selector started getting recognition with his many Bounty Killer dubplates. However, since his success, Mavado says, Foota Hype has changed.

badmind ways

“This youth weh name Foota Hype, is like him have him plans dem and him main plan is to mash up my life. Mi caan badda with di bag a gal pickney thing. The whole a wi a fren and yuh (Foota Hype) start gwaan with a bag a things and mi start avoid yuh. How mi fi have mi things and yuh a pree mi fi mi things dem. Mi start avoid yuh ’cause yuh a di devil. Him have him likkle bad mind ways and a try bring mi down,” Mavado told THE STAR.

“Nobody never hear mi seh anything bad ’bout Foota up to now. All now mi nuh look pon Foota and tell him seh him eye red, mi just avoid him friendship.”

Since his friendship with Mavado ended, the selector says he has encountered many problems.

“From mi part ways wid Mavado is like a nightmare. Last week mi cousin get bout 10 gunshot, him almost dead. Mi nuh pay it nuh mind. Music a my career. Mi is not a shotta, mi is a selector. Mavado sing bout him so blessed but he is not that saint of a person,” Foota Hype told THE STAR.

Source: JamaicaStar

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