The ‘Gully Gad’ Mavado performed in Africa last weekend for the first time, as he took the stage in front of a 10000-strong crowd inside the the Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana.

“Long time mi suppose to reach Africa fi sing fi di people,” said Mavado. “But nothing before time. It was a great experience and I felt so at home there. Ghana reminded me so much of Jamaica, I loved it.“

From the moment Mavado arrived in Ghana it was pandemonium, as crowds followed him everywhere he went, whether on foot, bike or car as he did the promotional rounds and hung out at various spots in Accra. Indeed Mavado had to remain in his car for nearly 20 minutes when he arrived at the stadium, such was the excitement of the massive crowds surrounding the motorcade that brought him in. It was triumphant chaos when Mavado finally emerged from his vehicle to enter the Stadium’s field, surrounded by highly enthusiastic fans who formed a massive circle around him as he walked.

Promoters Fantasy Entertainment hosted an outstanding event, drawing the biggest crowd (see photo above) ever seen for a Reggae event in Ghana. To kick things off, a number of Ghanaian artistes opened the show, followed by Samini – the local headliner – who put on a great show with his band before making way for the ‘Gully Gad’ who was backed by his Anger Management band.

The large crowd erupted as Mavado ran out with “So Special”, and he had the audience singing along for over an hour and a half, singing anthem after anthem with him. It seemed the Ghanaian people identified with the song “Messiah” the most, as T-shirts with the words “No Food, No Water,” a line from the song, were emblazoned across T-shirts for sale at countless stalls on the outside. “Hope and Pray” was also greeted with a massive response, Mavado having to sing the song several times to satisfy the crowd.

“I had to give them almost everything,” said a sweat-soaked Mavado after the performance. “The people showed me crazy love and made me so welcome since I came here so I had to give them a special performance. I cant wait to return and look forward to performing in other African countries in the near future.“

Mavado is currently in the US at this time, recording his new album with DJ Khaled (We the Best Records). The Welcome to the Gully Tour, originally scheduled for the US and Canada, has now become a world trod, as Mavado will also be performing in several other African countries in December, as well as at shows in Central and South America, Caribbean and Europe before the year is out.


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