Mavado Charged

Dancehall star, David Brooks, popularly called Mavado turned up at the  Freeport Police Station in St. James, Wednesday afternoon, days after he was named as a person of interest in a criminal investigation. He was accompanied to the station by his attorney Martin Thomas, shortly before 3 o’clock. Mavado and members of his entourage were being sought by the St. James police in relation to an altercation between them and a father and son, which left both men injured.

Up to newstime Mavado was still being processed at the police station. Police sources say Mavado could face charges of assault occasioning bily harm and malicious destruction of property. This is in relation to an incident which occurred last Friday in which a man and his son were allegedly injured by the men in the singer’s entourage.

This after the motorist refused to move his vehicle to allow them to avoid a pothole on the Belmont Road in St James.

The man and his son received multiple injuries and had to seek treatment at hospital.


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  1. What people fail to understand that these Arties feel like a they run the country and the worthless fool who follow them will do anything for them, even to kill another man because of the the arties dislike. i hope the make a good example out of Mr Brooks and let the other know that they need to control there posy on the road.

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