Master P Bankrupt!

Though Percy “Master P” Miller has been celebrated for his many philanthropic initiatives over the last couple of years, the New Orleans rap pioneer is reportedly facing bankruptcy due to a lawsuit filed by former employees.

TMZ reports that Miller was successfully sued for compensation by several members of the crew of his 2007 film ‘Uncle P,’ which he starred in, alongside cameo appearances by funnymen Cheech Marin and Ken Jeong. According to court documents, Miller apparently failed to pay the judgement, and the matter has now been taken to U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles, Calif.

The disgruntled crew members are allegedly seeking $240,000 in restitution, a paltry sum compared to the $661 million Miller was at one time estimated to be worth, but apparently enough to force him into bankruptcy, where an independent trustee will manage his remaining assets, and hopefully award the plaintiffs their compensation.

According to court documents filed back in March, Miller lists his monthly income at $1,387, and pays the state minimum $271 in child support monthly for his four children. He previously filed for bankruptcy back in 2003.


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