Masicka: Kalado nuh good’

Masicka – Nuh Link (Raw)

As Sting draws near, several dancehall artistes have already begun to throw lyrical blows at each other. Currently embroiled in a heated war of words are dancehall artistes Masicka and Kalado, who have so far released four songs making disparaging comments about each other.

Masicka is known to leap at every chance to level insults at other artistes including Demarco, Konshens, Chan Dizzy, Aidonia, Assassin, Alkaline, Gage, Laden, Chino and Khago. However, this time, Kalado perhaps provoked Masicka with a song called Rifle Attack in which he said, “Mosquito cyah Buss,” which was jab at Masicka’s failure to achieve commercial success.

Masicka, who swiftly released a counteraction to Kalado’s song titled Crocodile Dem A Work, says Kalado called his name to rejuvenate his career.

Ah attention him a look, but yuh know from Kalado call mi name, mi have to defend it. Mi know say him ting drop off and Bounty Killer nuh waah see him because him no know wah him a say. So mek the fans dem know mi a deal wid the matter real quick and end him career,” Masicka said, who is currently promoting two other singles, Hardball and Lights On.

The deejay also says he will challenge Kalado lyrically at any stage show.

“Kalado nuh good, him go ABC rhyme and freakiness. All now him no match up to Crocodile Dem a Work which do 10,000 views inna one day. Him fi know say any stage show mi see him pon, mi a walk up on him and end him career,” Masicka told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Kalado has since replied to Masicka’s Crocodile Dem Work, with an explicit and hardcore effort, titled Mass Murder. He also made light of Masicka’s lyrical skills, while taunting the deejay about issues his babymother expressed on social media earlier this year.

“When yuh inna Alliance, it’s a gangster clan, so some man nuh badda feel a just gyal song mi duh. Mi never aim at him specifically, mi fire several corn and dat deh fowl pick it up. Dem fi know a Alliance and ANG fi life. Masicka is a iron balloon and right now a me a him general because a mi a buss him. So you don’t need to call up Bounty name to get exposure because me a control yuh career right now,” he said.

Kalado also rubbished Masicka’s claims that his relationship with Bounty Killer has dwindled.

“Me and Killa still good and wi never fall out. A friend Masicka a look wid Killa and a try trick the fans. A tell him fi guh tell dem how him boss Corey sell out Vybz Kartel,” Kalado said, laughing.

Other current dancehall feuds include Chilando vs Prince Pin, Bencil vs Rhyme Minista, Beenie Man vs Teejay and Beenie Man vs Mavado.

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