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Bob Marley’s image has been used to sell everything for Jamaica tourism to T-shirts, but the official Marley brand has launched a large line of headphones and docks.

There are three different variations, Jammin, Freedom and Destiny.

Rohan Marley speaks to a reporter at the Consumer Electronics Show about the products.

The House of Marley headphones are available now.

“Jammin is geared towards the younger generation, the younger guns as you would say. Freedom is more of a lifestyle, designer influence and then Destiny is what we would consider premium,”

“We have headphones, docking stations, ear buds, things that transmit music generally. What makes us unique is that we want to adhere to the principles of sustainability, being eco-friendly and waste conscious, things that will give back to the earth so we use recycled plastic, leather, canvas and hemp, things that relate to Mother Earth. Recyclable, reusable, that’s our mission,” he said.

Source: rjrnewsonline

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