Manifesto|Jamaica, in association with Studio 174, located at 174 Harbour Street, Downtown Kingston, is presenting its exhibition titled “Youth Empowerment,” as part of the second annual Festival of ART’ical Empowerment.

It will open today, November 9 at 5:30PM and will be open for public viewing on Saturdays between 10AM and 4PM, ending on November 26.

The exhibition will showcase seasoned and young talents. Amongst them are artists affected and inspired by the Tivoli Incursion that took place in 2010, ironically on the same day as Manifesto|Ja’s first Minifesto (community mini-festival). The exhibition also features artists such as Taj Francis, Samantha Hay, Andre Ballentine, Jomo Christie, Lauren Watkis and other spectacular artists on the rise. Samples of the artwork will also be showcased at the festival of ART’ical Empowerment at Edna Manley College, 1 Arthur Wint Drive on November 19 and 20.

Studio 174 is the brainchild of Rozi Chung, whose vision of art therapy came to life and light at the Habour Street Studio. Her vision and that of Manifesto Jamaica unite on the point of development through art and this exhibition stands to bring this art to the fore. Chung says, “art is a universal language that allows the unseen to be seen, heard and felt organically. It produces an economical wellbeing that aims to strengthen the very core of human existence. It creates a value system that brings a kind of dynamic feeling within the youngsters that they now can share in the community and it’s a way of beginning to develop a whole nation.”

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