In a move that reflects the growing power of Platinum Camp Records, C.E.O., Daddy Bigg$ has closed a major deal with one of Reggae’s record industries pioneer, Super Power. Platinum Camp Records is now the driving force behind Super Power Records that at one time produced the biggest hit records in the 70?s, 80?s, and 90?s with the most influencial artists like Shabba Ranks (Love Punani Bad – Needle Eye Pumpum), Super Cat (Si Bups De), Ninja and Tinga (Cover Me), CocoaTea (Rikers Island), Dennis Brown (Queen Majesty), to name a few.

Platinum Camp Records plans to take the fans on a nostalgic journey with the added benefit of worldwide digital distribution. This old school music has been off the air waves for far too long, but no longer will this be the case as fans will now be able to download these song in a digital format directly to their iPhones, iPads, Androids and Black Berries available through mobile carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

“Platinum Camp Records is proud to have Super Power Records on board and plans to have a long and successful relationship,” Daddy Bigg$ said in a recent interview. Special thanks to Steven Barret and Carlton Barret, VP of Super Power Records for working hard to make this deal possible.

Now available for download on iTunes!

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