MahDeva Makes His Musical Entry

Only one word to describe this gentle and humble soul that was born on January 15, 1995, just one word and that one in a million words is “MahDeva”. To be more specific MahDeva is simply describing the artist in a unique way meaning clever, different, unique etc.

MahDeva is a humble and easy-going individual who has a strong affection for music who is destined to be a star, a musical icon, a mentor, that person who everyone is going to look up to as a good example of nothing but positivity throughout his music. A few might just know MahDeva for some of his hit songs Like, “Rich Or Poor (Same Grave)”, “Ruff It Up”, “Thugz Party”, and “Mankind” was recently released.

MahDeva is more of a revolutionary artiste who describes his music as ITM (Immortal Type Music) and not Reggae, Dancehall, or any other genres that you might be familiar with. By listening to the artist’s music you can tell that he is outrageously different from the rest. He strongly believes that music is a mission and not a competition, so therefore music has no political side based on MahDeva’s perspective.

MahDeva is an independent artist/producer at the ”Thugz Fraternity Music Group” which hails from the eastern side of jamaica (St Thomas). MahDeva who’s real name is Javoy Williams is a past student of the Seaforth High School.

The 26-year-old singjay started to write his own lyrics at a very tender age with his younger brother Tajay “T King” Williams, they both would always listen to beats together and have a great time venturing in the music land.

From that point in time, MahDeva decided to take music more seriously so he started the voyage. While the young singjay was at it he came across some individuals who would join forces with the singer, not to mention individuals who have discovered his voice whether it by the internet or a friend or a fan who would often fell in love with the artist style and flow.

MahDeva continues to push towards greatness with his team who strongly believe in his unique sound, flow & upliftment that he brings throughout his music.

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