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Kingston, Jamaica:- For the third time since June 12, Danny’s Marina in Harbour View will become the island’s centre of entertainment as Miss Kitty presents the third instalment of the Magnum Marina Sundays series. That’s right – July 10 will come alive with the sounds of great music and good vibes.

Admission being just $500 for patrons and tantalising Magnum bucket deals all night seems to be a perfect pairing with the fact that music will be provided by none other than the resident disc jockey Juju Royal, and guest selector Krazy Kris out of Kool 97 FM.

“A di sweetest time! When di sun gone een, and the moon start shine enu,” Miss Kitty said, as she recited some of the cool oldies music that will infiltrate the night air.

“Remember that Magnum Marina Sundays is wicked, cool Sunday time vibe. The best of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Immortal music, celebrities and real cool people – that’s what we offer by Danny’s Marina on a Sunday evening,” she continued.

This Sunday, the Fluffy Diva will also be offering giveaways and prizes to some patrons.

“We’ll be having giveaways this week, but I’m not gonna spill the beans and say what they are. Let’s just say that with Magnum, Digicel and Charley’s JB Rum on board with the Fluffy Diva, nothing is impossible or too far-fetched.”

Magnum Marina Sundays, since its appearance on the entertainment calendar, has filled a void in East Kingston and continue to deliver on Miss Kitty’s original promise of “entertainment at its best”.

The latest instalment of the event takes place this Sunday, July 10 at Danny’s Marina in Harbour View. The event will feature resident disc jockey Juju Royal, as well as guest disc jockey Krazy Kris from KOOL 97FM. Admission to Magnum Marina Sundays is $500.

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