Lord Jamar’s No Drake Fan “He Wouldn’t Have Popped Off In The 80’s Or 90’s. Dudes Would Have Looked At Him As Too Soft”

During the latest part of Vlad TV’s sit down with Star and Lord Jamar, the subject of YMCMB rapper Drake came up. While Star was definitely team Drake, Jamar didn’t feel that way at all. He believes Drizzy owes a lot of his success to the current era of Hip Hop we’re in.

“This Hip Hop sh*t was made by masculine black and Latino males,” Jamar said. “This is the alpha male sh*t. Not even the beta male, who they’re pushing at us now. Your Drake’s and your f*cking Kendrick Lamar’s. All these softer type of dudes. [Drake] can rhyme and all that, but trust me he wouldn’t have popped off in the 80’s or 90’s. Dudes would have looked at him as too soft. All that falsetto singing and all that type of sh*t. Dudes would have been like, ‘What the f*ck?’ Even if he could sing good. Does he represent the alpha males? No. Is he the type you could see on the block running some sh*t? No. Was he one of those dudes that got his name running around the hood ringing bells? No.”


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