Look for Collaborations at Sting 2010

In the music world, some of the most memorable songs are collaborations. The 27th staging of Sting, the storied dancehall event has been entitled The Collaboration, and that, according to the organisers, is no mere accident.

Supreme Promotions, the force behind the annual Boxing Day event, has been talking quite a lot about unity and togetherness and invoking the power of the positive. With Sting’s history of riding on and feeding dancehall clashes, some are murmuring that Isaiah Laing and his execs are simply paying lip-service to unity.

Supreme Promotions’ head honcho, Isaiah Laing shares a moment with songbird Cherine Anderson at last Tuesday’s launch. (Photo: Jermaine Barnaby)

But a very calm, almost pastoral looking Laing says the time has come for change and he, personally, is fed up with the war and ‘bangarang’ in the dancehall.

“The time has definitely come for a change,” Laing insists.

“You could put it down to maturity, or call it whatever you want to call it. But the truth is that we are happy for the wind of change sweeping through the dancehall right now. Some people feel that the friendship among former dancehall rivals make the music boring, but we love it,” he declared.

So, in their quest to embrace and strengthen this change, the promoters of Sting felt that there was no other theme for the 2010 staging of the event than ‘The Collaboration’. Interestingly, this is a far cry from their warrior call of a few years ago, ‘The Settlement’.

The show, which had its launch at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston last week, consists of several dynamic segments including the 13 Warriors, Spotlight, the 13 Bad Girls of Sting, Sting Disc Jocks, Sting Commentary and Starlights. And in every segment, there is room for artistes to join forces and entertain patrons in unity.

And Supreme Promotions head honcho is smiling at the thought of Kartel and Mavado on the Sting stage in a show of unity. “I, personally would be thrilled to see a real collaboration between the Gully and the Gaza represented by Mavado and Vybz Kartel,” Lains stated.

He added, “This year, that is what people want to see and hear …unity and good music. All the artistes in the Warrior section are hot. They all have good songs that fans want to hear and the idea of seeing these foes-turned-friends on stage together is a good feel.”

Undoubtedly, the collaboration to end all collaborations would be a Bounty Killer/Vybz Kartel stint on stage together. Can Sting 2010 achieve this?

Laing smiled and declined to comment. But he did say, “Remember that we at Supreme Promotions and we like to give our patrons a special treat. And we are working on it.”

Of course, this is the Sting stage where a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g is possible. Read between the lines.

Source: jamaicaobserver

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