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Like many other Jamaicans wanting to help Haitians, Liv Up Records has donated to the country.

Last week, the west Kingston-based label donated 100 cases of five-litre bottled water to Haiti, which was struck by a major earthquake two weeks ago.


Oniel Coke, member of Liv Up Records, said they were all shocked by what happened in the country. As such, they felt the need to donate to the cause.

“We see the news and realise how serious it was. That led to us wanting to help them out of their crisis. We really think that water is a necessity. By having water, they can ‘live up’ to see a next day,” he told THE STAR, noting that the cases of water were bought and delivered to Food for the Poor.

He added: “We hope to follow up on our contribution, maybe not in the same way, but in another. We realise seh the people in need, and it will take a while before things can be restored to normality.”

Source: JamaicaStar

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