As things are heating up on the Gaza between Vybz Kartel and his former protégé Blak Ryno, ex-Portmore Empire member Lisa Hyper has recorded Call to Addi, urging an end to the dispute.

Having been excommunicated from the Empire late last year, shortly after a picture showing the artistein compromising circumstanceswas released, Lisa Hyper is remembering better days in her song, Call to Addi.

In the song, which was voiced on Tuesday night, Hyper pretends to make a call to her former ‘daddy’ Vybz Kartel saying, “Nuffy, yuh know sey mi a call Addi yuh know, cause me nuh like wha gwaan yuh know and mi nah go stay aside and watch it.”

She continues, “Right now mi a call yuh wid tears inna eyes, mi just forward from Guyana but mi get fi realise, Ryno just lef di camp now him and Popcaan a fight, a wha gwaan, every man pon di Gaza get hype? It look like yuh cyaan talk to nuh man nuh more, but hold on/dem figet a you buss di door, whappen to when every man pon di Gaza did poor?”

As the song progresses, Hyper talks about Ryno’s song aimed at Kartel called Mi Lef and Popccan’s song Dem Sell Out. She deejays, “Mi nah lie, mi understand wha Ryno a sey we di artiste nuh get di full respect but Ryno yuh see di disrespect dat yuh talk to di Don yuh shouldn’t mek yuh mout mek.”

She also reminds Popcaan and Ryno about the songs they’ve done together, and asks Portmore Empire members Jah Vinci and Shawn Storm to talk some sense into Ryno and Popcaan to help bring back peace within the organisation.

After leaving the Empire, Lisa Hyper remained a staunch Gaza supporter, explaining to her fans that she will always say Gaza for life. During numerous performances, the artiste has continued to big up Kartel and the rest of the Empire crew. In the song she still refers to herself as ‘the gaza girl.’

Source: JamaicaStar

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