Lion D – Reap What You Sow (Music Video)

Lion D – Reap What You Sow. Bizzarri Records. March 2012

It’s finally out the video of the smashing track reap what you sow, a song that represents Lion D message and composing skills at its best. The perfect knowledge of patois together with the particular care he takes choosing the instrumental bases for his lyrics make of Lion D one of the few Italian reggae artists with a real Jamaican style. He writes about a conscious approach to life, centred on the respect for each living being and the importance of having a positive attitude towards life twists and turns.

The video of Reap What You Sow, with the help of a great post production work by director Pierpaolo.ingrassia, invites to a two level analysis of the meaning of the lyrics;the first is centered on the text itself,with lion d and his band singing on the background of the words composing it, the second is an allegoric short story in which lion d is the keeper of the secret of a conscious and joyful life.

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