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Lil Wayne was not released from prison this morning as anticipated and is still behind bars at Rikers Island correctional facility.

As previously reported, Wayne was scheduled to be sent home from prison today after serving an eight month sentence for weapons possession.

According to Weezy’s lawyer James Tilson, the rapper was then scheduled to go to Arizona within 72 of his release and fill out documentation to start his 36-month probation term for a separate drug paraphernalia case.

Those plans are on hold now that Rikers Island prison guards confirm that Wayne is still incarcerated.

Officer Carl Carabello told MTV news early Thursday that Weezy won’t be free till Friday and his prison time was miscalculated.

“His time was miscalculated. He owed, he owes one day of ‘good time,’ so it’s gonna be another night.

Carabello added that “good time” is reduced when an inmate runs into trouble behind bars.

“If you get an infraction in jail, they’ll take away ‘good time’ — time that you accumulated for good behavior.”

Lil Wayne’s additional time behind bars may be due to an incident when he was found with music contraband.

Source: HipHopWired

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suck deesnuts
suck deesnuts
9 years ago

This is bullshit. There is picture proof of him free yesterday.

9 years ago

wowowowowo thats so great