Lil Mama: I Was the First Person To Get Super Roasted on Twitter

Getting into the industry isn’t as hard as it used to be, but once you’re in, your life is no longer just yours. Good or bad news, the world will hear about it, and in this day and age social media can bring you down with just a few memes. Take it from Lil Mama, whose career has been critiqued ever since she stepped on the scene. When Lil Mama came out as a teen with “Lip Gloss,” the Brooklyn-bred, Harlem raised entertainer was in the midst of finding herself, and wore eccentric, bold clothing to stand out – aside from her attitude, Lil Mama believes she wasn’t approached by males in the industry because of it. “I’m pretty sure that I’ve made guys feel like maybe I wasn’t looking for that, or I was probably just looking crazy and they just wasn’t interested,” she expressed. “Whatever the case might be I think it was good for me, because I never wanted to date somebody that’s dating everybody…It’s like everybody’s sleeping with each other.”

“I like to keep business, business,” Lil Mama continued when asked about her own dating life. “To be honest with you, I never really found anybody – well, nobody in the industry ever found me…I never had that.”


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