Lil Fizz Reveals How He Continues to Make Money From B2K Fame

In this VladTV exclusive, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Lil Fizz explains how he’s been able to provide for himself since his B2K days.

Since the group disbanded in 2004, Fizz says he dived into acting including filming a dance movie with his former bandmate J. Boog. With all of the members having a part in writing their huge hits, he’s continued to receive royalty checks for their songs, including every time they’re played. With “You Got Served” playing on almost every cable network, the Cali native is greeted with a check every time it airs. He also noted that with just two albums, his former group sold millions of copies worldwide. Thanks to his mother, Fizz says he learned how to manage his money responsibly and even invested in land.

Fizz also knocks the stigma of artists being broke after they’ve hit their prime. He shared details about the importance of owning your music and how to make money from it.

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