Lee G is still set to continue helping Haiti by donating the proceeds of his upcoming single “Haiti”, which will be released on iTunes by the end of April 2011.

Mr Lee G

He originally did a song for Haiti last year right after the earthquake in collaboration with another artist, but unfortunately it never got released. Now, a year later, Lee G decided to do a song on his own and release it himself on his own label. Lee G decided to help and make a contribution even though he might not be the most famous artiste selling millions of copies. It is a cause worth singing about and Haiti and the people need the help even now. Lee G, fortunate, as he says, “to be living in a disaster free zone”, he wants to look out for his brothers and sisters and the less fortunate. He wants to donate the proceeds, because that is what he can give.

Lee G says “I’m not financially rich, but I’m rich in talent and hopefully this talent off mine can generate some dollars for a worthy cause.” he furthermore states that “ I have a lot of Haitian friends here in N.Y. and they express to me the suffering that’s still going on in Haiti today, even though she is not on the forefront of the news. A lot of aid still has not reached Haiti. “

The thought that led to the new single ran deep. The artiste thought “What would be our position today if the Haitians never rebelled against the French?”

Proceeds from the sale of the single “Haiti” will be given to the Haitian American Foundation, that works hands on in Haiti. The new website will be up and running soon and people will be able to donate online and see the progress via images and reports.

Song Lyrics


Haiti is my brother, my brother
same mother same father,
Haiti is my sister my sister, so why should I watch her suffer
Haiti is my friend, till the end, I say this again and again
Haiti is my brother, my brother
same mama Africa.

1st verse

So long she’s been suffering
while the whole world sitting there and watching
saying the blame is the Voodoo thats she’s doing
thats why she can’t amount to nothing
But they fail to realize that she was the first one
to overcome the wicked works off babylon
yeah! she defeat the French gain independence
while every other Island follow suit
Haile king Selassi in HIM Khaki suit
Tell them rastafari come to speak the truth


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