Singer Leba Hibbert is quite upbeat about her recent performance on her father Toots’ recent tour of Europe and the US.

The two month trek not only exposed Leba’s music to a wide fan base, but she also benefitted from the exposure received in various European publications.

In a release to the media, Leba recounted her experience on the road. ‘It was truly an eye opener for me and it felt really good. My confidence level was elevated and I know realize that it’s not too late to live my dream”, Leba confided.

Throughout the tour, Leba performed her very own material as well as songs from her recently released album Intoxicated. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to fill in for her father on some sections of the tour.

Said Leba “I was called upon to fill in for my dad because he had missed his flight to the Uppsala Reggae Festival. The fans welcomed me with open arms. I was again called upon to do the show for my dad at the Picnic Festival in Ireland because my father had a sore throat.”

Leba also performed at the Reggae Sunska Festival in France; the Fest in the Park in Belgium; the Rototom Festival in Spain; the Rhythm Festival in the UK; and the Chiemsee Festival in Germany among others.

Commenting on the reaction from fans regarding her performances, Leba said “The fans were inspired and some felt blessed and intoxicated by me. One of the reviews in an Irish newspaper said “Toots was not able to perform and his daughter did a fantastic job”.

Formerly with the chart topping group 54-46, Leba released her debut solo album Intoxicated a few months ago. The album has been doing well on Itunes.

Said Leba “Right now we are about to sign off on a distribution deal for the album in the states and to also have it available locally”.

A video for the first single All I Want is currently in progress. The single recently impacted the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 20 Reggae Singles chart.

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