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She is the current Queen of the dancehall industry with mega hits under her belt like “I got your man” and “Man is the Least” and many others. This dynamic and versatile queen can do no wrong according her fans and many of the music industries legends and has survived many storms in the industry to maintain the top position. Lady Saw is undoubtedly a woman to be reckoned with. Her new album “My Way” now in major record stores is a true testament of her long lasting career with hits like the popular “Party Till December” which she recently shot a video for at the Fiction Lounge in St.Andrew, Jamaica.

Lady Saw

The video was directed by international video director Jason “JayWill” Williams and edited by Kao:Arts the video has a feel of a high energy club party vibes with hundreds of Jamaica’s leading and upcoming dancers being featured throughout with special segments by the ladies of ‘upstage dancers’ and Whiteout Dancers. The director Jay Will must be commended for creating what can be easily said a free spirited video where the viewer can just get into the party mood even if the video is on mute. The concept of the video for a lack of a better word is ‘wicked’ as said by a group of young adults that viewed the video. In the video Lady Saws male lead is seen going out with his friend with the expectation that she remains at home based on the perception she gives, but low and behold she is off to the club with her friend and parties the night away. However reached back home and changes in time for his return home with ‘everything in check’ as the Chekkazz Dancers would say.

Party Till December is now getting air play on local and international radio stations as well as several mentions on international websites as she promotes yet another hit on her hands. With an expected appearance on the US based entertainment television station BET the video is expected to do well on the international market as well as the local market. Lady Saw once again can boast as being the real Queen of dancehall a title that she has earned over the years in the business and the mentoring she has done with the new and upcoming female artiste in the business.

Article by: Kemar Daswell

Lady Saw - Party Til December

Lady Saw - Party Til December

The Official Video:

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