Konshens Search for His Lead Lady In His Upcoming Video “I’m Coming”

International dancehall artist Konshens is in search of his ‘Leading Lady’ for his upcoming video “I’m Coming” song produced by Good Good Productions.

Ladies here is your opportunity to be Konshens ‘ONLY Leading Lady’ in his next video. All expense paid for you and a friend to come to Jamaica. I dont think it can get any better than that, click on the video link below and find out the details.

All expense paid trip for 2 to JAMAICA… LEAD GIRL (ONLY) in the video.
All you have to do is upload a 30 second video to youtube indicating why you should be the I’M COMING lead girl and the most convincing and interesting girl will win!! FROM WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD!! upload the video then email us the link @ konshensdubzandjingles@googlemail.com

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