Kobe Bryant Openly Talks Retirement; Confirms He Will Retire a Laker

Is this going to be the last season of Kobe Bryant’s career? Will he leave the Lakers next summer and play elsewhere? Does he have what it takes to physically make it through another 82 games without having his body break down on him? There are SO many questions surrounding Kobe right now—and so few answers.

During the Lakers Media Day on Monday, Kobe tried to provide reporters with the answers they were looking for. But as you can see in the clip above, which features Kobe speaking with ESPN’s Shelley Smith, he’s just as confused as everyone else! He doesn’t know when he’s going to retire, how he’s going to retire, or what’s going to push him to retire. Oh, and of course, he doesn’t actually want to retire and sounds like he’s still attempting to come to terms with the idea of doing it.

Check out the video to hear Kobe trying to talk his way through the thought of retiring. It’s interesting to hear what he has to say about it.

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