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Kingston, Jamaica — KipRich, the undisputed king of ‘nuh behaviour’ is at it again. This time with his latest track, Cyaan Get Brown (Cake Soap), produced by Birch-Hill Records, for which a video is being filmed this weekend.

Kip Rich

The video which will be directed by Terminal 4 and shot Downtown, Kingston and Waterhouse, St. Andrew, will be something fans can expect to be humorous says KipRich.

“They should know how I am already. If something is on my mind I will put it in a track and sometimes it comes off humorous, but at the same time people know I always talk about real issues affecting real people. KipRich has always been someone to just say di things as plain as day; remember a me say ‘nuh behaviour’ unuh, so this song and video addressing bleaching, muchless wid cake soap, are no different,” says KipRich, whose correct name is Marlon Plunkett.

KipRich is known for his previous tracks, Telephone Ting, The Letter, Baby Mama Drama, Mad Inna Di Club and more.


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