Kidd Kidd: I Didn’t Feel Anything When I Was Shot 6 Times

Kidd Kidd spoke to DJ Smallz about getting shot six times and thinking that he was going to die, but the New Orleans native revealed that he didn’t feel anything when he was hit. The “I Am” emcee explained, “I guess it’s all about your adrenaline…When I got shot I didn’t feel nothing. Maybe I was just that mad, or maybe it was my adrenaline pumping, but I didn’t feel nothing.”

The Louisiana-born rapper also spoke about coming out of the ordeal, but Kidd Kidd admitted that he never went in for his surgery to get the bullets removed. He added that he didn’t want to miss a performance, and the pain subsided, so Kidd Kidd said he wasn’t worried about the bullets still being inside of him.

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