Kelly Rowland Likes Hanging Out at Adult Shops

Kelly Rowland Likes To Hang Out @ Adult Shops!!!
On Friday, July 29th, 2011
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So, if the “Motivation” video and topless covers weren’t enough for you, Kelly Rowland is taking it up a notch and revealed in the latest issue of Vibe that she likes hanging out at kinky adult stores aka sex shops.

She told the magazine:

“I go to sex shops and don’t worry about what people say. I go at 1am, the good ones are open late.”

She goes on to say that she is not trying to sell sex and that this is pretty much who she is:

“I’m not trying to sell sex. I’m just completely being myself. I don’t let nobody dictate who I am. I did that for way too long that I don’t care about those people no more. I really don’t.”

You get to see alot of interesting stuff in a adult shop 🙂 Honestly don’t see anything wrong with that, you go girl!!

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