Keldamuzik Presents The Cultural Exchange Tour

Hip Hop artist Keldamuzik aka Diva from California, is known to not only be a successful independent recording artist, with chart topping international and national hits such as “Thirsty”, “I Don’t Care” and “Wind Blow”; but also an entrepreneur who has created a platform for herself with her company Golddigga Entertainment, managed by marketing manager Wendy Bell. Making her mark in the music industry, Diva presents “The Cultural Exchange Tour”. TCET promotes mutual understanding of cultural backgrounds through music, youth development and knowledge of international social living.

Keldamuzik was inspired to start TCET when receiving invitations to perform and experience islands such as Barbados and St. Maarten, where she gained knowledge of the Caribbean lifestyle. During both tours, she collaborated with Reggae singer Kirk Brown, and artist Ku-J, while also conducting a series of workshops at schools and non-profit organizations to inspire the youth. She also interviewed local business owners, brands and the towns people for her reality TV series, Diva TV which broadcast in 5 million homes in California, U.S. After such visits around the islands, radio stations and other media outlets, Keldamuzik’s movement concluded with live concert performances featuring Keldamuzik and other local artists in the areas. Many sponsors came aboard to support and accommodate the concerts as well as advancing other businesses and raising funds for local charities and youth foundations. Both tours lasted 5-7 days separately, and were broadcasted on Diva TV back in California.

In the mist of it all, Diva combined all of her areas of creation and talents into one. Speaking to the youth and inspiring them to become confident individuals is what she calls “The Diva Project.” She loves to empower the youth and relate her previous living situation with theirs and being able to have a mutual understanding by Q&A’s from those who need someone influential to talk with. Conducting interviews of the natives and taping her journey through various activities in the country is what her reality show “Diva TV” contributes. In California she broadcasts her life as a female rapper in the Hip Hop industry and other Keldamuzik related events. As she receives many viewers around California and the internet, Keldamuzik has already beaten the odds as an independent artist who showcases the art form of networking through television. By hosting a live concert, Keldamuzik performs various songs of her own, and with the native artists she collaborates with. She grabs the attention of the community and they realize how much more enriched their lives are through TCET. The people already uplift each other, but uplifting the community and granting them exposure is the primary function of “The Cultural Exchange Tour”. We have more upcoming events featuring Diva in Grenada, Jamaica, Liberia, London, Puerto Rico, Germany, Trinidad and more!

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