Kat Stacks On The Verge Of Finally Being Deported Back To Venezuela

Yeah I know we all thought she was gone already, but Kat Stacks is proving to be harder to get rid of than New York City bed bugs.

Her days in the U.S. appear to be numbered though.

It is reported that a Nashville judge ordered her deportation back to Venezuela several days ago. The only thing keeping her here are appeals.

“aint going no mothaf*ckin’ where ima keep appealing my case until this b*tches release me,” she tweeted. “im a soulja what dont kill me makes me stronger.”

That’s just wishful thinking on her part. It’s highly doubtful that Kat, born Andrea-Herrera Cardena, will still be in the states two months from now.

I’m sure there are more than a few rappers and fans that are glad to see her go.

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