Kartel's Addi's Brand Hits the Market

The first ‘Addi’s’ merchandise from deejay Vybz Kartel is currently on the market.

Last month, the deejay announced that he would be releasing his own brand of shoes under the label ‘Addi’s’ which also include dog tags, T-shirts and belt buckles.

Kartel shows off 'Addi's' merchandise, his sneakers, T-shirts, Gaza dog tags and belt buckles.

Speaking with THE STAR recently, Kartel explained, “All the products are called ‘Addi’s’. What I have now for full-scale sale is Gaza tags, and belt buckles. Within the next three, four weeks, shirts will be here. Both male and female.”

According to Kartel, the Gaza tags and belt buckles are currently available at Tashamay’s Fashion, Shimmer and Fashion Addiction. The designs for the items is the brainchild of the deejay.

With the release of the Addi’s merchandise, Kartel says he will also be hosting a raffle in which persons who purchase the brand will be able to win a cash prize. He said, “I will also be giving away money via a contest. The prizes will be up to a $1 million. It’s pretty much like a raffle. You have a one in 10,000 chance of winning because for every 10,000 units sold, I’ll give a away up to a $1 million.”

He added, “They enter the raffle by way of a proof of purchase receipt. You write your name, address, email etc and drop it in a box. The raffle will be done on radio.”

According to the deejay, since the items are just on the market he hasn’t been able to see what the response to them have been like but says that currently he is targeting a predominately teen market.

This is the latest of the deejay’s business ventures having previously released his Daggerin’ condoms and Vybz Rum as well as Street Vybz Rum.

He is also suppose to release his own brand of cake soap called ‘Vybz cake soap’.

Musically, Kartel has new releases such as Colouring Book, Dancehall Hero Part 2, Life Goes On and he says he will be off to Trinidad soon.

Source: jamaica-star

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