Kartel will not clash with Killer – Says Bounty is Heineken Star Time material

Vybz Kartel is not only dismissing rumours that he and fellow deejay Bounty Killer will be clashing at Sting 2009 or any other stage show, but is also dismissing his former mentor’s deejaying skills calling Killer a Heineken Star Time artiste.

Despite the songs thrown at Vybz Kartel from Bounty Killer in the form of Chatta Box, Ungrateful Hellboy and the most recent song Wata Chune, Kartel, says that he will not be clashing with Bounty Killer nor has he counteracted his songs in any way.

Shortly after the release of Killer’s first two songs aimed at Kartel, Kartel released Bownty’s Killa, which most believe was a direct counteraction. Kartel however, told THE STAR, that Bownty’s Killa was a “correction” rather than a “counteraction.”

He said,

“Mi nah clash wid Bounty, Ninja Man a di last outdated artiste me war wid. Bounty get him time wid Beenie and now true people want see me and di barber (to a lesser level) it hurt him. No more Alliance, is just Gaza and Gully (to a lesser extent). Me nuh have time fi idlers like Killa, me a do song fi di nation and di world. A Kartel and di barber time ya now Killa need fi mek good song weh people waan hear.”

As for the songs Killer recorded against him, Kartel asked,

“Were those suppose to be songs? I only corrected never counteracted. But judging from the last ‘song’ I see his songwriters – cause him nuh write nuh song, are beyond help and recovery. If him want war, Merciless and Beenie and all his era of artistes. Why when mi did a diss him fi one year straight him never answer. Him fi go work at Heineken Star Time now wid Ken Boothe dem and lef dancehall to me and barber and stop embarrass his shadow of his former self.”

In the meantime, Kartel says he has no plans thus far for a rematch between himself and musical nemesis Mavado for Sting at Jamworld Portmore this year. “No clash, mi just a cruise to Sting with the songs Jamaicans want to hear,” he said. For September, he said he will be releasing his latest album Pon Di Gaza on iTunes.

Source: JamaicaStar

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  1. You’re a straight up comedian, Vybz! For a guy who sold only 8 copies of his recent album, you shouldn’t be talking about outdatedness-Sorry to break this to you, Vybz, but once the Gully/ Gaza hype dies down, you and Mavado will be forgotten in a while. Neither of your factions will ever be mentioned in the same breath as Bounty Killer or Beenie Man.
    You had a good year, bro, but nobody is going to remember you down the road. Perhaps you should go do a stint on Comedy Bus because you are a real joker.

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