Karma, an Enjoyable Party

It was scheduled to be held between 4 p.m. and midnight but the majority of patrons turned out after 8 p.m. As they arrived, most headed straight for the bar area that was at the opposite side of the large venue. Many stayed there, leaving the middle and other side of the event almost empty.

Nonetheless, Richie D played songs in the hope of entertaining the patrons. He played hip-hop songs like Estelle’s American Boy and Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj’s Dutty Love. Demarco and Craig’s island pop song Show It was also played.

Voisemail and Fan - KarmaPatrons at KarmaPatrons at Karma

He was followed by Zinc Fence that was more dancehall oriented. They played Laden’s Really Like You and Chino’s Ruff It Up, before making the patrons do the ‘Summer Swing’ dance move to Assassin’s Hand Inna Di Air. Aidonia’s Evil Head also got a big forward.

The music came to an abrupt stop at about 10 p.m., during Zinc Fence’s set when the police made their presence felt. However, the music was quickly restored but with the volume slightly lowered. This was followed by a string of older dancehall songs like Position, which got a big reception. When Tanto Black’s Anything Yuh Want was played it was met with a big ‘forward’ and some laughter.

ZJ Ice later kicked off his segment with Nicki Minaj’s Right Thru Me with the females in the audience singing along. He played a rather high-energy set with Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and K’naan’s Waving Flag that led to a lot of jumping around the venue.

DJ-Pretty and Phillipe Edwards from Privy Events - KarmaPatrons at KarmaAsafa Powell - Karma

While he played a lot of dance music, he also treated the patrons to some dancehall songs like I-Octane’s Puff It and Vybz Kartel’s Mr Officer. Gaza Slim’s One Man was followed by a chorale and Vybz Kartel’s Dumpa Truck was met with gyrating.

In his second segment, Richie D gave the patrons recent hip-hop songs such as Runaway by Kanye West and Fancy by Drake, Mary J Blige and Swiss Beat. Patrons danced and sang along to songs until they started to make their way out of the party after midnight.

Source: jamaica-star
Writer: Sadeke Brooks

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